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Mauritius ICT Indicators Portal

About the portal

The Mauritius ICT indicator Portal is a web-based system that consolidates ICT-related statistics in the country. With just a click of the mouse, anyone from the government, private sector, and the general public can access ICT statistics and other related information. The portal also promotes proper management of statistical data that can be used for policy research, plans and projects development and implementation, and analysis of the ICT sector.

The Portal was created by National Computer operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation.

Data are categorized according to several domains like: the ICT Statistics and the ICT facts and Figures. Under the ICT statistics, the user can view several statistics that have been conducted while user can find facts about the ICT of the country in the ICT facts and figures section.

The data collectors perform essential statistical processes by acquiring data through surveys and other data sources. These data are documented and processed for dissemination to target users.

The data gathered by the data collection agencies are in accordance with the ICT Indicators definitions approved by the National ICT Indicators taskforce. The statistics generated from these compiled data will be utilized to analyze the competitiveness of the Mauritian ICT sector such as in telecommunications, software development, and other industries.

Generally, the system contains time series data and cross sectional ICT statistics and it is intended to produce web-based statistical tables that are accessible online.