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The Government’s Vision is to make ICT the Key Pillar of the economy and transform Mauritius into a Regional Hub.
F a c t s   a n d   F i g u r e s

Among the various activity segments, the IT Enabled Services together with the Business Process Outsourcing (ITES/BPO) has become a key industry contributing 45% to the total value added of the ICT sector. As at 2011 some 500 companies are operating in this industry.

Remarkable progress has been witnessed in terms of ICT Infrastructure readiness and accessibility notably with the mobile phone subscriptions per 100 inhabitants attaining the ratio of 100 in 2011 and the Internet subscriptions per 100 inhabitants improving from 22 in 2010 to 28 in 2011.

 The ICT Development Index (IDI) for Mauritius has improved to 4.00 in 2010 from 3.43 in 2008 (an increase of 16.6 percent) and gaining one rank from 70th to 69th place in 2010. This was a direct effect as a result of continued improvements of ICT infrastructure and access.
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